Leonidas – Shield Λ Coin


Handmade in Sterling silver 925 in our workshop in Athens.

Leonidas – Shield Λ Coin, with design on both sides.


Sterling silver 925




King Leonidas was the leader of Sparta in the last decade of his life. Armed with a round shield, a spear and a short iron sword, he sowed fear in the enemy’s ranks. He was the leader of an army of 6-7 thousand people, which managed to stop the 300 thousand Persian soldiers commanded by Xerxes in the Thermopil Gorge. This was the most important battle of the Greek-Persian war. Leonidas and most of his soldiers died in the battle, but it gave the Greeks time to gather a larger army and face the enemy forces.

A beautiful coin to be worn on a bracelet, bangle or necklace.

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