Leonidas – Shield Λ Coin


Leonidas – Shield Λ Coin, with design on both sides.

Handcrafted in Sterling silver 925 at our workshop in Athens.


Sterling silver 925




King Leonidas was the leader of Sparta in the last decade of his life. Armed with a round shield, a spear and a short iron sword, he sowed fear in the enemy’s ranks. He was the leader of an army of 6-7 thousand people, which managed to stop the 300 thousand Persian soldiers commanded by Xerxes in the Thermopil Gorge. This was the most important battle of the Greek-Persian war. Leonidas and most of his soldiers died in the battle, but it gave the Greeks time to gather a larger army and face the enemy forces.

A beautiful coin to be worn on a bracelet, bangle or necklace.

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