VW / Volkswagen


The VW Beetle was first produced in Germany in the 1930s. It has since been produced in new and more modern versions.

Handcrafted in Sterling silver 925 at our workshop in Athens.


Sterling silver 925


Bettle history: 1934 Ferdinand Porsche is hired to construct “The VW” 1935 The first prototype is produced 1936 The first test runs are made. 3 test car travels a total of 50.000km 1938 The new factory in Wolfsburg, which still exists begin production of the car. The car sold through the “KdF” System. This is a tool in Adolf Hitler’s propaganda. 1939 2nd World War starts and the factory switched to the production of war material instead. During the war the platform from VW is used for the production of over 50.000 Kubelwagen 1945 The Allies take over the factory and the British government is ordering 20.000 VWs – when there is both a lack of work and transport – thus starts VW era. 1946 Car number 10000 produced 1948 Car number 25000 produced 1949 Export of the model is presented – the car is later used as the basis of a convertible model. 1951 Car number 250,000 produced 1952 Export model upgraded with synchronized gearbox and shared windows in the front doors. 1953 The rear window is changed to 1 large window from the original “Spectacle” 1954 The engine is improved from 25 to 30hp. The car can now run up to 110km/h 1957 A more substantial rear window is replaced in the oval window. 1962 The standard model will now have hydraulic brakes 1964 Now fully synchronized gearbox and the model comes as standard to heat 1,200 A. 1965 Export model called VW 1300 presented with 40hp engine. 1966 1500 model with front disc brakes come on the market. 1967 In January 1967 presented an inexpensive model on the market with 34hk. 1968 The car is called for the first time in marketing ” Käfer ” 1970 1500 model is no longer produced. In place come 1302 model 34 & 40hp. 1972 After 1302 comes 1303 model. Ford Ts production record was beaten. 1973 4 special models coming on the German market: Jeans, Big, City & Yellow – Black Racer 1974 The last bubble VW being produced in Wolfsburg. We have now produced over 12.000.000 cars here. Now begins the Golf – which has also been a great success. 1978 Now stops the production in Emden too. The car will now be built in Puebla, Mexico. Here they build the only model: VW 1200 L with 34hk. 1981 Anniversary model is sweeping the 20mio. car coming on the market. The car called ” Silver bug” 1985 The last models exported to Germany from Mexico – but until production stopped parallel exported and sold VW model. 1998 The sequel – Retro car “New beetle” is presented and will be a considerable success – not as a public car, but as a more expensive Retro car