Vespa GTS Super 125 ie. For many the symbol of Italian lifestyle.

Handcrafted in Sterling silver 925 at our workshop in Athens.


Sterling silver 925


Piaggio scooters history began in 1946 when Italy’s industry lay in ruins. In order to build an infrastructure that did not work, they had not the least need of a vehicle on the severely damaged roads and in large urban chaos offered the best opportunities to reach from one place to another. Under these circumstances, the Vespa became one of the most popular means of transport, not only in Italy but throughout Europe. Vespa was not only a useful tool but symbolized simply the Italian lifestyle. Within a few years, the Vespa had evolved from being a low-cost means of transport for the job, to be a symbol of a lifestyle. This is also confirmed by the movie “Roman Holiday” where Audrey Hepburn plays an Italian princess, who could only escape from court life when she joined the young reporter Gregory Peck. A Vespa played the third lead role… The company Piaggio was founded in 1884 in Genoa by Rinaldo Piaggio, who first made ​​machinery and railway wagons. In 1915 he went over to the manufacturing of aeroplanes and developed in this area significant innovations such as a pressurized cabin. The 20s were set numerous world records with the Piaggio aircraft. There was also built seaplanes in Genoa, with the Piaggio would win the famous Schneider Trophy. When Rinaldo Piaggio died in 1938, took his sons Enrico and Armando company. The latter remained, however, outside the shops and left the leadership of the Serene to his older brother. Enrico Piaggio, the year 1905, built Italy’s first large bomber type P108B with which Moussolinis son Bruno died in a test flight. From the first 98cc Vespa in 1946, which produced 89 different models. Today Vespa is built in Italy, India and Indonesia, with engines from 50 to 200 cc. Including a Classic model for the Japanese market. Incidentally for the best-selling non-Japanese two-wheeled vehicle in Japan! So even if the times and trends come and go, the Vespa is supremely relevant today. Modernized of more than 20.000 points since the start, but still basically the same Vespa.