Poros is a blue Murano charm with a variety of blue colors in stripes.

This charm has a Sterling silver 925 core.

We collect the original Murano glass on the Murano islands and ship it to our workshop in Athens. At the workshop, we use the glass to create tiny Murano charm art. Every bead is handmade and unique.

Murano glass is made on the Murano islands. The Murano islands consist of 7 islands and are located about 1,5 km from Venice. Murano is known for its glass factory, which opened in the 1200-century. The production was moved from Venice because of fire hazards.

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The small island of only 33 km2 is located in the Saronic Islands – not far from Athens and the Greek mainland. The island has about 4000 inhabitants. Poros does not have an exact city map, and even for residents of the island, unknown streets can appear.

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Murano glass, Sterling silver 925


Limegreen, Black


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