Ikaria is a green Murano charm with pink flowers.

This charm has a Sterling silver 925 core.

We collect the original Murano glass on the Murano islands and ship it to our workshop in Copenhagen. At the workshop, we use the glass to create tiny Murano charm art. Every bead is handmade and unique.

Murano glass is made on the Murano islands. The Murano islands consist of 7 islands and are located about 1,5 km from Venice. Murano is known for its glass factory, which opened in the 1200-century. The production was moved from Venice because of fire hazards.


Murano glass, Sterling silver 925


Limegreen, Black


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Ikaria is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea the size of Langeland. The island is approximately 255 km2 and has about 8,500 inhabitants.

Ikaria is named after Ikaros. Ikaros sat trapped with his father Daidalos in Knossos in Crete. Daidalos made wings for himself and Ikaros, for the escape from Knossos. Ikaros flew too close to the sun, crashed into the sea and died. He landed on Ikaria.

Glass is a great material. Essential in the process of beadmaking is the mandrel. The mandrel is a metal rod that is made to withstand the amount of heat needed to form the glass into beads. Along with the mandrel, a heat source helps create the molten glass and to aid in the formation of the glass around the mandrel. Each and every Murano glass design is handcrafted over open fire and Melina uses genuine Murano glass only.

Original Melina designs all have the brand name and logo Melina on one side and the silver stamp 925 on the other side.

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