Cycladic figurine dangle


A premium quality hanging charm.

Handcrafted in Sterling silver 925 in our workshop in Athens.


Whom do they depict, and what purpose did they serve? Both questions remain controversial. The figurines do not stand by themselves, so they may have been meant to be displayed lying down, or to be held. The evidence from Keros and their presence in graves suggests some broadly symbolic use, presumably in a ritual or religious context. While the pregnant examples support a connection with concepts of motherhood and fertility, there is no consensus on whether Cycladic figurines depict individuals, one or several deities, or are a more general representation of femininity

Cycladic figurines, also called “Cycladic idols” are among the most enigmatic and most evocative objects from Greek prehistory. They were produced in the Cycladic islands in the southern Aegean for a few centuries around the middle of the third millennium BC. Usually of relatively small dimensions, they are highly stylised depictions of the human form, made of local Cycladic marble, which was carved and then polished. Although the appearance of that beautiful material is now one of their most striking features, it is likely that all or most of them bore additional details, such as facial features, in paint, which rarely survives.

A beautiful and meaningful pendant to wear.

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