Christian cross


The best-known religious symbol of Christianity.


Handcrafted in Sterling silver 925 at our workshop in Athens.


Sterling silver 925


The best-known religious symbol of Christianity. In the first five centuries after Jesus birth were Christian, Jewish and Greek religions jumbled together without clear boundaries. Among other things, used Christian Homer’s texts on the Greek gods in their schools. An example: Around year 200: In a chaotic marketplace of the Mediterranean is a teacher and teaches a small group of children to read and to write. Although the children are Christians and believe in Jesus, reading the poet Homer’s wonderful stories about the Greek gods, heroes and monsters. In this way, they learn about other gods before the Christian. But it seems neither the eight-year students or their parents to be a problem. They are used to dealing with the Greek gods. The children’s families participating for example, when the Roman Empire officials hold sacrificial feasts of the Greek gods. Christians are not fine to eat meat from animals that are sacrificed to the Greek god’s honour.