Cheops pyramid


The famous pyramid of Cheops.

Handcrafted in Sterling silver 925 at our workshop in Athens.


Sterling silver 925


Around the world, there are many prehistoric pyramids. The Egyptian pyramids are probably the most famous, but all the great ancient cultures built pyramids, including the Greek. One of the reasons that the pyramids were so popular was probably very strong symbolism inherent in the form. The pyramids sloping sides symbolize the sun’s slanting rays, which should bring the king/pharaoh to heaven. The Greek pyramids, also known as the Pyramids of Argolis, are structures located in the plain of Argolid, Greece. The best known of these is known as the Pyramid of Hellinikon. There have been many pyramids on the site, but today is only two left. Both the age of the pyramids and their function is highly debated even today. However, they are believed built between 600 BC and 3000 BC, which will make it about as old as the Cheops pyramid. But Alexander the Great did not conquer Egypt before the year 332 BC. So the structures can not be explained by Greece and Egypt is one kingdom. However, the correlation between Greek culture and Egyptian is extensive. When Alexander the Great dies, his generals split his empire. Ptolemy took Egypt and declared himself pharaoh and founded thus Egypts last dynasty. The Ptolemaic Egypt was one of the major powers in the Hellenistic world, it spread its rule over parts of Syria, Asia Minor, Cyprus, Libya, Phoenicia and other countries. Under the Ptolemy’s, Alexandria was a cultural and intellectual centre in the ancient world. There were several Ptolemaic princesses named Cleopatra, but the well-known was VII. At age 17, she married her younger brother, Ptolemy XII. But with Caesar’s help they were able to throw him from the throne. She followed the victorious Caesar to Rome. After Caesar’s death came Mark Antony to Egypt, and he too was captivated by the Egyptian queen who ruled with her son Caesarion, who carried that name, Ptolemy XIV. After the defeat at Actium in 30 BC to the young Octavian, Cleopatra committed suicide. Octavian however, was Rome’s first emperor under the name Augustus. This ended the Ptolemaic line. Whether the Greek pyramids were tombs, as the Egyptian pyramids or whether they have been used to celebrate other things are unfortunately not known with certainty. But one thing is certain and that is that the pyramids beautiful, geometric shape have been important at all times.