Erotic couple


Inspired by ballet dancers and their elegant movements.

Handcrafted in Sterling silver 925 at our workshop in Athens.


Sterling silver 925


The Greeks used many different motives. The most popular subject through all periods, man. Archaic time, approx. 700-480 BC The name of the period comes from the ancient Greek word Archaios that means old. In the early period, the Greeks got more contact with the eastern part of the Mediterranean and it affected the arts. The Greeks started including to daub their vases with designs like sphinxes and lotus flowers, which they had seen in the Near East and Egypt. This is called the oriental style. Inspired by the meeting with the East, they also began in the Archaic period working with large sculptures in stone. Male characters, called Kuros were prepared as free-standing sculptures. They stand with the left foot in front of the right and arms held close to the body. The way to stand on came from Egyptian sculptures, but as a special Greek feature, the characters were made ​​naked. The female counterpart, the core, was also reproduced standing with her legs in the same manner but was always dressed. This model stems from the Archaic but we choose to develop it further in a dancing experience and have designed the ballet dancing.