Baby birth


An exact copy of a large marble sculpture (40 cm high) The original sculpture with a silver pearl depicts a mother with her unborn child in the womb.

Handcrafted in Sterling silver 925 at our workshop in Athens.


Sterling silver 925


This bead is an exact replica of a large marble sculpture, about 40 cm. high. It has been exhibited several times, both in private galleries and public exhibitions in Athens and around Greece. The original sculpture, as well as the silver bead, is depicting a mother with her ​unborn child in the womb. One of the simplest and most powerful symbols of life and human existence… And like life itself, it is made of hard material with soft and round shapes. A child’s birth is the definition of life, it can also be described as the immortal DNA that passes from generation to generation. A fact which connects us directly with our past, and therefore makes our history become our present.