1000 hearts


Handmade in sterling silver 925 at our workshop in Athens.

The heart was originally a leaf symbol from an ancient Greek forest. The ancient Greeks believed that it was the path to immortality. In the 16th century, this symbol of “life” was misunderstood, and began to paint leafy reds instead of green ones.


Sterling silver 925


The heart is the symbol of love. One of Christianity’s many symbols are the heart and the heart of Jesus has since the 17th century been the subject of special worship. The heart was originally a symbol of a leaf from an ancient Greek forest, the ancient Greeks believed was the way to immortality. It was not until the 1500s that they misunderstood the meaning of this life symbol, as it stopped to paint the leaves in green, but started also to paint them red. This bead shows a lot of “leaves” joint in a cluster. A popular bead that Melina was the first to design.