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A piece of history for everyday life ...

Melina World Jewellery

Melina World started with the desire to offer a small piece of Greece – genuine Greek quality craftsmanship, to all who came to enjoy life, at the foot of the Acropolis. A small memory from the cradle of civilization. Today we sell the jewellery to the whole world.

Crafts in precious metals and glass have existed as long as we have known about these materials. Melina World’s workshop is located in Greece. Here, our silversmiths design and manufacture all their jewelery, from the neat drawing to the final result. It has been a decision from the very beginning that Melina World will retain all production at all levels, from purchasing materials to design, production and sales, within a European framework.

Our glass is quality glass, which we buy in long bars from the island of Murano in Venice, Italy. We buy our silver in Greece and we constantly test the quality. Our finished designs are a minimum of 925 Sterling Silver, which means that a minimum of 92.5% is pure silver, the last part being a blend product, primarily copper. We only work in Swiss gold which is internationally recognized. Our materials are from Europe. We handcraft our jewellery in Greece and Denmark.